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CzarTER is a company which rents yachts on the Szczecin Bay Area and the West Pomeranian Shipping Track. We offer yacht charters from our mother port Marina Wolin, situated on Dziwna River. The river is one of two, which flow around Wolin Island, close to West Pomeranian holiday resort. Spending a holiday on our fully equipped yachts can be one of the greatest memories made during a vacation spent with family. For the price of a two person hotel room you can enjoy a five person cruise with friends or family. You will start your holiday adventure in a place where history is connected with the present day. A place where Middle Age artifacts collected in the Historical Museum of Wolin adjoin with a Middle Age colony reconstructed in whole detail.

Choosing one of two directions, North or South, you will experience beautiful scenery whilst visiting nearby towns and places, which cannot be seen from the land or in any other part of our country.

Sailing North, you have the possibility of visiting Międzywodzie town. Mooring in the wharf, you will find yourself in a place where you can enjoy the wondrous beauty of the Baltic Sea’s sandy shore and the Kamien Bay, at the same time. Sailing further North, you will arrive at Kamień Pomorski town and Dziwnów town. Both towns have marinas with all necessary facilities.

Choosing south, you have a beautiful passage to the towns of Szczecin and Świnoujście. All marinas and ports are located in Szczecin Bay. The North of Szczecin Bay is part of the wild and beautiful Woliński national park with its sandy cliffs and wild vegetation. On the entrance of Świna River, during the summer season, sea vegetation creates around 44 islands of natural beauty.

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Boats have C5 class of flotation and are designed for tourism around the inland waterways of Szczecin Bay and Wolin Island, excluding sea waterways. The yachts are of a high standard tourist boat design. With their technical parameters, they are perfect for sailing on the aforesaid waterways. A small draught, of approx 30 cm allows you to sail on the whole area of Szczecin Bay and approach close to the shore.